On My Blob is on a mission, to get you talking about periods!

Created by freelance writer, Frances Campbell, On My Blob is here to help you learn more about menstruation.

Period shame and stigma, along with poor education on menstruation, means that for many, periods are a taboo topic. This can lead to many people not being able to understand or manage their periods properly.

As an intrinsic part of human reproduction periods deserve to be celebrated. Most of all, those that bleed deserve to be heard and understood.

So, this blob takes the view that, if we all learn a bit more about periods and we all go out there and talk about them a bit more, we can normalise a conversation that has been shrouded in shame and secrecy for too long.

Why not join in? You can follow, share or comment to join the conversation, or get in touch on the contact form if you have ideas for guest posts. I’d love to hear from you!

Guest contributers

You can read Clémentine from bi-lingual travel blog Voyage de Miel‘s blog on managing your period while travelling here.