On My Blob is on a mission, to get you talking about periods!

Where I come from your period is known as your ‘blob’. Not the prettiest name, granted, but it inspired me to start a blog about my blob (get it?) and create a space where we can talk about all the things blob related.

The thing is, we call it a blob so we don’t have to call it by it’s name and feel embarrassed. But what is there to be embarrassed about, really?

For too long, periods have been shrouded in shame and taboo.

Period stigma and shame prevent people from accessing the very basics in terms of education, period products and effective medical care. People deserve to understand this essential, normal bodily function without fear of discrimination.

Talking is the very start.

I want to break taboos through honest, informative content that can equip you to talk about your blob, with everyone.

So, join me, On My Blob, and let’s bust period shame once and for all!

Want to talk about your blob?

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Meet the Writer

💃🏻 Frances Campbell is a professional content writer with a passion for all things period. After struggling for years with a dodgy blob, she was inspired to start blogging to make space for vital conversations on menstrual health: without shame.

Guest Contributors

🇫🇷 Clémentine from bi-lingual travel blog, Voyage de Miel, contributes her expertise in managing your period while on the road, read more here.

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