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Below I highlight some of the charities, trailblazers and reading materials that have helped me in my journey to learn more about my menstrual health.

There are many amazing individuals and organisations out there fighting for menstrual equity. From charities tackling period poverty, to campaigners fighting for better education for all, there’s so much happening in the period space to get involved in.

This list is always growing… 🌱 If you have suggestions for further resources to include then please get in touch!

Charities ✨

Bloody Good Period

This bloody good charity work towards menstrual equity by providing essential period products, education, and advocacy across the UK.

Over the Bloody Moon

This menopause start-up is taking the muddle out of menopause through education for individuals and organisations.

Period Positive

Period Positive is a movement that challenges pushes menstrual discourse in line with values of equity and inclusivity through advocacy, training, campaigning and public engagement.

Plan International

This international charity works for equality for girls. A strand of its work aims to dismantle period shame, provide period products to those that need them, and to educate girls about menstruation. Read its menstrual manifesto here.

Water Aid

As part of its work providing clean water and toilets to those without worldwide, Water Aid also campaigns for menstrual hygiene and promotes honest, open conversations about periods.

Trailblazers πŸš€

Amika George (MBE)

Founder of Free Periods, George made headlines at just 17 as a young activist and campaigner. She has successfully fought for free period products in schools and champions better period education for all.

Chella Quint

Founder of the Period Positive movement, Quint is a former PSHE teacher, comedian and period activist pushing the menstrual conversation forward on a national level.

Further reading πŸ“š

Clue Encyclopaedia

This period tracking app goes above and beyond to provide inclusive, science-backed content to answer all the questions you’ve ever had about menstruation. The Clue free online encyclopaedia is a go-to resource for information on periods, sex, fertility and more!

Period Power (Book + Podcast)

Written by menstrual health expert, Maisie Hill, this book is packed full of information about your cycle and how your hormones affect you throughout the month. It’s a god send! She also runs a podcast on menstrual health and has further published Perimenopause Power in 2020.

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